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What Happened on His Resurrection Day (Easter Message)

What Is Our Mission

The Thief on the Cross

The Cause of Your Problems

The Latter Times

Turning Aside after Satan

Your Faith in Christ

The Mystery of God

The One Mediator between God and Man

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Set Your Affection on Things Above

When Jesus Speaks

Making Sure of Your Growth

A Note from Our Pastor

There is a place for Christians here.

There is preaching that takes place here. The things of God are revealed in way that is easily understood.

There is a plan for the Christian life that is taught here.

There is a purpose for every Christian and finding it is encouraged here.

There is the peace of God that helps during the problems of life. We help each other find it.

There is prayer that takes place here and practiced in our daily living.

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Service Times

Sunday School:10:00 am
Morning Service:11:00 am
Afternoon Service:2:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Service:7:00 pm
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